Kara F. Oldenburg-Gonzales


From a young age I have been exposed to the world of fine art. By 10 I had been to countless openings and events. My home in York was filled with cameras, canvases, paints, and paintings, finished and unfinished. It was a small household, just me and my mom. She is an amazing artist who showed me the ups and downs of creating and living off of her work. As I grew up I found myself drawn to creating my own approach and style. I am now Co-Owner of OMG Studios in York, Pennsylvania, along with my mother, Carol Oldenburg, and fellow artist Cheryl Migliarini. I specialize in portraits, both charcoal and oil.I find inspiration in the world around me, more specifically in the little things. Whether it’s the highlight on an apple or the soft curve of a jawline, those moments of witnessed imperfect-perfection are what set my pen to paper.



Studied Fine Art at:

   Pacific Union College

   Schuler School of Fine Art

   York College of Pennsylvania 

    Mount Gretna School of Art


Work Experience:

   Art Teacher -  YWCA (Creative York) (2017-18)

   Art Teacher – Private Students (2017-)

   Art Teacher – Cadet Martial Arts and Fitness (2013)

   Art Teacher – The Salvation Army (2015, 2016)





   Solo Shows –  York College Book Store (2016)

                             King’s Courtyard (2014)

   Group Shows- Plein Air Exhibit at York Water Co. (2018)

                           Yorkfest Juried Show (2018)

                           Baltimore Civic Works Plein Air (2018)

                           Creative York: Art in Residence (2018)

                           Marketview Arts: Of Value (2018)

                           YAA: Three Generations of Creativity (2018)

                           Plein Air Exhibit at York Water Co. (2017)

                           Marketview Arts: Anonymous (2017)

                           Parliament: Decked Out (2016, 2017)

                           Yorkfest Juried Show (2017)

                            Parliament: Spring Forward (2017)

                            Plein Air Exhibit at York Water Co. (2016)

                            Rich Rielly Law Office (2016)

                            Identity (2016)

                            York College of PA Annual Juried Show (2016) 

                            Mount Gretna School of Art Student Show (2016)

                            Healthy World Cafe (2015)

                            Marketview: The F2C Exhibition (2015)

                            Emerging Visions (Juried Show: 2015)

               York Art’s: 100 Under 100 (2013,2014)

               Schuler School of Fine Arts: Xmas Show (2012)

                            Pacific Union College (2012)